The GBRCAA is the specialist body appointed by the British Model Flying Association to organise precision aerobatic competitions (F3A & F3P) to the international rules of the FAI.


The first objective of the GBRCAA is:

“To promote and encourage the building and safe flying of aerobatic radio-controlled power model aircraft”.


The GBRCAA caters for all fliers interested in precision aerobatics, using a series of schedules which can be flown by pilots of all abilities.


There are five published schedules: Clubman, Intermediate, Masters, FAI Preliminary & FAI Final. Domestic (National League) competitions cater from the raw beginner to the most proficient pilots amongst us.  Whatever the level, we try to make competitions friendly affairs where we can all enjoy our flying being judged (by keen and well-trained eyes) and where help and advice is always freely available.


The entry level Clubman schedule can be flown with almost any model that will do a loop and a roll and thus allows you to enter a competition and get the feel of proceedings at an early stage. Currently you only need a BMFA A certificate (or national equivalent) to enter GBRCAA Clubman & Intermediate competitions.


There are also various introductory events run throughout the year by both the GBRCAA & the BMFA. We look forward to meeting new & prospective members at any event.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please contact our Public Relations Officer – Ashley Hoyland: pro@gbrcaa.org