Why Become a Judge?

There are several incredibly positive reasons, to why every pilot in the GBRCAA should consider taking on a judging role:


  • By learning and applying the Sporting Code you will gain a better understanding of what is expected for every manoeuvre.


  • By watching other pilots fly a schedule and seeing where they go wrong (or right), you will become a better pilot!


  • You will be helping your fellow pilots to improve their scores by giving feedback on their flights.


  • If you cannot or do not wish to fly at a competition for any reason, judging is a great way to be involved and to perhaps meet new people.


Of course, without judges, we cannot hold competitions, so we need you to take part!


We encourage all pilots, of any level, to take on the role of Pilot Judge. We hope that all our pilots will consider doing so.


The ability to accurately judge a performance is dependent only upon your enthusiasm, training, and ability to concentrate, whilst watching a schedule is being flown. It can be an extremely rewarding addition to your aeromodelling hobby.