Learning to Judge; Self-Study


First and foremost a judge must be totally familiar with the FAI sporting code Section 4, Volume F3 and particularly annex 5C. This contains the schedules to be flown along with manoeuvre descriptions and execution guide. It describes how to judge and what the judge should look for.

There is a link to the latest FAI Sporting Code on the website homepage.


The Sporting Code is however, rather dry. To help interpret it, there are several presentations available. Watching these will help you to understand what you should be looking for and how the manoeuvres should be flown.

Note: Even if some of the detail goes out of date, the principles will stay the same.

There is also a .pdf quick reference guide to judging. Click on the image to open the document….

Judging Seminar

Manoeuvre Execution Guide

There are also entire schedule descriptions for the current P & F schedules.

These are on the FAI Schedules tab under the GBRCAA Schedules menu.


After going through the materials above, and using all the resources, why not try taking the interactive (open book) GBRCAA Judging Exam. (This has been kindly supplied by the Australian F3A organisation).


This Exam will test your understanding of the judging elements of the Sporting Code and will help reinforce the key elements that need to be considered. You can take it as many times as you like and you will receive a score at the end of each attempt.


The Exam can be accessed HERE


Even if you do not want to further your judging experience, this is an excellent way of improving you knowledge of how the manoeuvres are scored.


Link to Judging Tips – Nico Bleas 19 04 2022