Learning to Judge; Practical Training


Scribing at a competition is a very good way to accustom yourself with the process of judging a schedule (using either Score Cards, or the Notaumatic Scoring System). It will allow you to understand the amount of time you have to make decisions & get an insight into what the judge is looking for! It also gives you the opportunity to see how feedback can be given and of course to ask any questions yourself.


Shadow Judging

You can print your own score cards (these are available for all schedules on the ‘CD Information’ tab), then mark a schedule yourself during a competition. You can compare this with the judges scores, which is a good way to gain confidence as your scores will probably be very close to the judges, and if not, you can assess why.


You can also shadow judge alongside an experienced judge, who is not judging that flight, you can then discuss and compare your scores. This can be done close to the judging position (but please ask the contest director first), as you will need to be a sufficient distance from the judges and pilots, so as not to disturb them.


Training days at Buckminster

Every month, usually on the third Wednesday, the GBRCAA run a training day at Buckminster. These days are aimed at both pilots and judges who want to learn and improve their skills. The format of the day is quite informal and relaxed. Often lots of single manoeuvres are repeated many times. This allows pilots to have problems highlighted and rectified, whilst new judges can decide how the manoeuvre is scored and then compare this with other judges.


There are always experienced judges available to advise and assist & International Judges may attend, on occasion.