Masters Schedule

The Masters class is generally a little more complicated & a higher standard of precision for each manoeuvre is expected. Therefore, a model designed for the purpose of precision aerobatics is now becoming essential. This does not mean that you need to spend huge amounts of money on a top model, there are many examples of reasonably priced models that have been designed for F3A available. There are also many second hand models available (particularly between competition seasons) on this website. Please use the link to go to the For Sale & Wanted forum page: HERE


The GBR/CAA Masters schedule uses the FAI Advanced Schedule; which is A23 for 2021-2023.


Masters (A23) Calling Card



Masters (A23) Aresti Diagram


Please see the latest FAI Sporting Code (there is a link on the front page) for more information & the manoeuvre descriptions.


Masters A23 Score Analysis

(Download only)

The analysis sheet allows you to input your competition scores & highlight where most points are being lost. All boxes start with 10 so that if less than 4 rounds are being flown, the final ‘Biggest loss ranking’ will be correct. Hopefully this helps to highlight where practice will pay off the most. The sheets are also quick & easy to fill in (using a mobile etc.) at competitions, to quickly check the addition on the score sheets too.