New Pilot Open Days (NPOD)

Please see the ‘Upcoming GBRCAA Events‘ under the ‘Contest & Events‘ tab, for the next scheduled NPOD.


New Pilots Open Days are a way of getting together club flyers who are interested in improving their skills.  Pilots are able to fly manoeuvres or simple schedules whilst receiving advice from experienced competition flyers in a friendly and relaxed way.

NPOD’s are meant for those who have never entered a GBR/CAA competition. It is hoped this may help bridge the gap, a stepping stone, between club flying and a GBR/CAA competition which can be seen as a daunting first step.

Most pilots enter competitions as a way of measuring improvements in skills for their own benefit and give a real purpose to their flying.  Others take the opportunity to practice what they learn at the NPODs, join the GBR/CAA and compete for positions in our league tables.  Competing for a place in the UK International Team could be your ultimate goal.