1st Prize


Winner - 07709  P Hitchborne. South Yorkshire.


1st Prize winner P Hitchborne collecting his prize from P.R.O. Ashley Hoyland.

JR MacGregor PCM9x2 Tx with synthesized module,

R900S 9 channel SPCM Rx and 4 DS811 servos, 1100mah nicads and charger

Flair Leo ARTF aircraft kit


£150 voucher for Alís Hobbies

to help the winner finish the model.

2nd Prize


01708   B Ransley. Northamptonshire.  Probuild X Tech Infinity kit


3rd Prize


3rd 05128  K Hardacre  Lancashire.  Elation Models Mini Max 50


4th 04865  Mr Wilson.  Derbyshire.  Permagrit sanding tool

5th 04965  J Stephens.  Kent.  Chip Hyde Fore-Play kit

6th 00305  S Ansell.  Berkshire  Chip Hyde Fore-Play kit.

7th 00038  N Clayton, Cheshire.  RCM&E year subscription.

8th 01240 S Bennington, Norfolk.  Chip Hyde Fore-Play kit

9th  00952  B Sinclair, South Lanarkshire.  Perma-grit Sanding block

 10th 07718  A Newbould, Stafforshire.   Chip Hyde Fore-Play

 11th  00030  S Mellor, Derbyshire. Chip Hyde Fore-Play

 12th  01392  S Simm,  Merseyside.  AMI year subscription.


The raffle was drawn by BMFA Chairman Robin Gowler, FSMAE



We thank those who have helped with our raffle prizes and here are the links to their web sites: JR MacGregor, Flair Models, Alís Hobbies, Probuild Aircraft Limited, Elation Models, Aurorra Models, Perma-Grit Tools, RCM&E and Aviation Modeller International.




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