Organiser and Contest Director: Matt Hoyland.
Host: Our thanks to Rob Davies MBE for the use of his airfield.
Score Recorders: Helen and Kath Hoyland.
Box line painter extraordinaire: Helen Hoyland.
Judges: Peter Cappleman, Nocolas Bleas, Paco Pineiro, Marc Weyenbergh, Danial Leaute.
FAI Jury: Mr Bert van der Vecht (NED), Mr Kevin Caton (GBR), Mr Gerard Werion (BEL). Res Mr Cedric Carayon (FRA).

On the Tuesday and Wednesday during our time setting up the site the temperature rose to 32.5 degrees with very little wind. On the practice day it was lower temperature and more wind and by lunch time we had thunder storm and rain for a short period. Colin took the opportunity to cut the runway and finished it in heavy rain. Friday was the best of the three days although it was windy and blowing around 14 mph over the pilots left shoulder. Two full rounds were completed. Evening practice was not an attractive option as the wind had freshened although Derk had a couple of flights with his relatively new model. Saturday started well but by 11:30 there was low cloud which stopped flying for the rest of the day although several attempts were made by volunteers to test the cloud base. We finally abandoned any hope of finishing the round by 6 pm and the six pilots agreed to complete the round next morning. Our new caterer arrived at 5:50 am on Sunday and it was a much better day. The last six pilots from round 3 completed their schedules and our fourth round was completed without interruption. Presentations started around 2pm and we were able to clear the field in dry weather. I am sure Matt would like me to thank all GBR/CAA members for scribe duties and my thanks to those who helped collect all our equipment from around the field. Congratulations to all pilots and especially those who took podium places.