Organiser and Contest Director: Matt Hoyland.
Venue: BMFA Buckminster with our thanks to David Phipps, Manny Williamson and all the BMFA members who have laboured to make this possible.
Sponsors of the Clubman competition: Thanks to for the donation a BJ Craft - F3A Axiome biplane. for the Hacker motor and other prizes, and for a host of other valuable prizes.
Clubman podium - First place and winner of the Axiome F3A biplane and Hacker motor: Alex Mosley-Ames. Second Place, John Morton Winner of a collection of batteries and accessories. Third Place, Graeme Jones winner of a collection of goodies.
GBR/CAA Intermediate, Philip Lewis -- and for goal keeping abilities to save a model in the pits which took flight in a just of wind.
GBR/CAA Masters: First Place Eugene Anker. 2nd Richard Sharman.
FAI 'P' Schedule: First Place Chris Halgreen. 2nd Adrian Harrison, 3rd Ian Mould.
Championship Title FAI 'F' 'P' and 2 Unknown schedules: First Place Matt Hoyland, 2nd Garry Peacock.

Another fantastic weekend at our Championships held at the new BMFA National Flying Centre. Arriving Friday lunchtime, I would like to thank those who helped and for their patience to set out the field. There was an opportunity to fly but the wind was strong and by the time it had dropped a little the sun was fully in the left hand box and low in the sky which limited the number of practice flights. Our five 'pitches' in the camping area made the camping facilities look enormous. We had the use of the Event Centre and models were assembled and could be left for the duration of the competition, so much easier than keeping space available in our cars. The competition got underway as planned at 09.00m after a pilots briefing at 08:45. The weather was challenging on Saturday with some interruption due to rain but everyone flew with our new competitors in Clubman showing improved performances in every round. Sunday was better with no rain and even better performances for our Clubman pilots. The top pilots put in some good scores but for me to see the top two pilots fly the unknowns was the highlight of the weekend. A battery failed for me on one flight and Garry's rear prop came loose on his last flight. When is came to putting everything away I have to say the help and enthusiasm was fantastic. Everyone helped in very good spirit with a smile on everyone's face. Whoever took all the photographs - thank you.(not all me this time) A special 'well done' to Nick, Richard, John, Alex and Graeme.