Contest Director: Matt Hoyland. Judges: Andy Whitehead, Adrian Harrison, Brian Holford, Dave Kirk. Score recorder: Steve Hunt. Venue: Minsthorpe Community Collage, South Elmsall. The first competition after the 'summer' and it was obvious in the first round that everyone was struggling to hit form through lack of practice, but it wasn't long before the better flyers were settling in to impress us all. Several pilots had achieved promotion since the last competition and my own contribution was to make it a crash free meeting. It was good to see a wide selection of models which all had their own particular qualities and there wasn’t one poor model amongst them, all were very impressive, but if I had to pick out one combination which stood out for me it would have to be a Disney with Glavak motor and carbon prop weighing in at around 100 grams. So for all pilots thinking of having a go at F3P there you are, a quick route to the top, come and join us and have fun. Thanks again to all pilots and a special thank you to our visitors and supports for making it a very enjoyable day. I trust those who had long journeys South and South West got home safely. Ashley Photographs: Dave Royds and Ashley Hoyland.