CD: Matt Hoyland FAI Judges: Peter Cappleman with scribe Margaret (thank you), Andy Whitehead. Judges: Matt Hoyland, Brian Holford, Conner Stephenson, Ashley Hoyland. Score recorder: Steve Hunt. At our second F3P competition of the season we welcomed 11 pilots including Josh James and Rob Piec to their first competition. Four flying the 'C' schedule, four the 'B' and three the 'A'. The four rounds allowed every pilot to fly 7 schedules in front of the judges with some short breaks for other flying and trimming. Comments from the forum: "Josh is another Star in the making. I remember another young man flying in 2008 for the first time in a competition. If I recall he also finished 2nd in "C" and has since gone on to tease everyone else in the UK making his way through the ranks to be the one to beat. Look out Connor Josh is coming/ Probably the most enjoyable comp so far. Entertaining (thanks Rob!!), excellent battle in 'B', some great flying (from the establish and new pilots alike) and a lot....and I mean a lot of laughs!! I'll second what Barnsey said....thanks Matt and the team for another great competition and only 4 weeks till we do it all again ! Podium: 'A' schedule: 1st Conner Stephenson, 2nd Matt Hoyland, 3rd Gary Holland. 'B' Schedule: 1st Paul Wilcockson, 2nd Andy Whitehead, 3rd Brian Holford. 'C' Schedule: 1st Steve Hunt, 2nd Josh James, 3rd Ashley Hoyland.