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Contest Director: Paul Wilcockson

FAI Judges: Ashley Hoyland and Alan Clayton.

GBRCAA Schedules judged by most pilots.

Score recorder: Leanne Clayton

This was the last of the three team selection competitions for this season and was well attended with 13 pilots flying in three leagues.

There was a distinct improvement in the quality in flying since the first competition flown at this venue in November last year.

Congratulations to Liam Clayton, Paul Wilcockson and John Gaynor for making the top three in the Team Selection league. The World Championships I believe will be in March 2019 in Crete.

Our 'C' Pilots have received some welcome extra competition this season from Tom, Charlie and Simon Wood and show much promise. Alan was way out in front through most of the season and it was good he received the league trophy at our 'F3P The Future' meeting after the competition.

Our 'B' league scene was set at the first competition of the season and the finishing order did not change all season. Rory Tooley won every round and I suspect he will do very well next year in 'AP' if he decides to take promotion.
Lee Backrath in his first season in 'B' held second position with some very close competition with John Day also in his first 'B' season.

IN FAI Liam Clayton showed the way all season although Paul Wilcockson was close on several occasions, but Liam held his nerve with some impressive flying. John Gaynor soon came to terms with the new schedules and came third in the Team Selection League. Both he and Adam Lomax had some good competition as Adam actually won the 'AP' league. Although Luke Oliver took promotion this year he was suffering from lack of practice but managed to fly the 'AP' schedule which is an achievement. My congratulations to all pilots


BMFA Team Selection: First Place Liam Clayton. 2nd Paul Wilcockson 3rd John Gaynor.

GBRCAA 'B' Schedule: First Place Rory Tooley 2nd Lee Backrath. 3rd John Day.

GBRCAA 'C' Schedule: First Place Alan Clayton. 2nd Tom Wood. 3rd Charlie Wood.

For the eagle eyed amongst you, I must sort out the podium photos.