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Airframes (kits, ARF, RTF, Plans, Etc)


Dumfries Model Flying - Scotland's Number One Model Aircraft Shop. We are suppliers of quality model aircraft and accessories for beginner to high end competition level.  We are an accredited Sebart dealer but are able to supply almost any quality aircraft or accessory.

SebArt - Wind S Pro, Miss Wind, Angel S.
Composite ARF - Integral
ZN Line - Axial, Integral, Oxalys, Supreme, Twister, and many many more.
CA Models - Osmose, Genesis, Scandalous, and more.

Elation Models - Rapture, Rapture 50 and more!
Custom Airframes - Black Magic v2 & v3
Insight R/C - Pentathalon, Insight, Voodoo Express v2
Piedmont Models - Focus II, Focus Sport
Xtreme Composite - Proline, Shinden, Otop, Astral XX
Naruke F3A - Airframes and F3A related items. 
Aeroviruta - Brio, Titan.
Modelltechnik Lorenz - Excalibur, Cocaine, and many more.
Aeroslave - Aries, Symphony
Northeast Aerodynamics - Aquila
Aresti Modelisme - Retailer of several different airframes, and much more.
Starcraft - Addiction 160, Addiction 110, and more
Hobby Service - Angel's Shadow
Wist Model - Vivat, Prestige

Powerplants (Glow, Gas, Electric)

YS Parts and Service - 1.70DZ, 1.60DZ, 1.40 Sport, 1.10 FZ
Tower Hobbies - OS 2.00 FI, OS 1.60, OS 1.40RX and more.
Webra Model Engines - Webra 1.60 and more
Hacker Brushless - C50-14XL, C50-13XL and more
Plettenberg Motoren - Xtra 30/10 Evo, Xtra 25/13 and more
Steve Neu Motors - 1515/2Y and more.
R/C Showcase - ZDZ-40 RE F3A
Model Motors - AXI Electric motors
Aeroslave - 3M Mintor 1.70, OS 1.40RX Dual Plug heads, and more
2 Dog R/C - Dualsky Electric Motors

Fuel & Power

Top Fuel - LiPo and LiFe
Morgan Fuels - Cool Power, Omega, and many other specially formulated glow fuels
Wildcat Fuels - Wide variety of specially formulated glow fuels
Power Master Fuels - Wide variety of specially formulated glow fuels
Ritch's Brew - Wide variety of specially formulated glow fuels
Flight Power USA - Li-Poly Batteries, Balancers, and more

Radical R/C - Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Poly batteries
Thunder Power R/C - Li-Poly batteries, Chargers, Balancers, Etc.
Duralite Flight Systems - Li-Poly batteries, Chargers, Balancers, Etc.
Shulman Aviation - Wide variety of aircraft related products including Li-Po batteries and more
Jersey Modeler - Fuel cans and pumps.
Macs Products - Headers and other exhaust related accessories
Asano Products - Headers and pattern related accessories NOTE: Site is in Japanese. No English translation noted.

Optifuel - Optifuel is a new nitromethane based fuel for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines of all sizes. It has been developed by professionals to give the user high power, great throttle response and a very clean burn with no carbon build up.

Accessories (hardware, spinners, fuel tanks, etc)

Central Hobbies - Arguably one of pattern's biggest supporters over the years.
Castle Creations - Brushless Speed Controls from Ultra-lightweight 7amp Pixie 7 to the heavy duty 50volt, 110amp Phoenix HV-110.
B & P Associates - Small light powerful electric starter packages
APC Props - Propellers.
Tru-Turn - Precision machined aluminum spinners
Model Fixings - We offer a range of replacement engine bearings, helicopter bearings, servo bearings, cyano and epoxy adhesives, assembly adhesives,  ties and clamps plus a huge range of screw fixings (including servo screws) at very competitive prices. We now also stock a large range of taps dies and drill bits.

Boca Bearings - Replacement ball bearings for engines.
Bolly R/C Products - Landing gear, props, etc.
Aeroslave - Exhaust systems
PBG Composites - Carbon Wing/Stab tubes and other products.
Probuild UK - Engines, Hardware, and Accessories of all kinds
ES Composites - Exhaust Systems
Mejzlik Modellbau - Propellers

Fast Lad Performance - RC Helicopters

Competitor Sites


Wolfgang & Roland Matt

Chip Hyde

Quique Somenzini

Sebastiano Silvestri



Sponsors of GBR/CAA Competitions


Sponsors of GBR/CAA Competitions


Sponsors of GBR/CAA Competitions


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