Full details concerning our Introduction to Aerobatics days at BMFA Buckminster

These pages are intended to help anyone who is wanting guidance from the Great Britain Radio Control Aerobatic Association to enter the realms of precision aerobatics. There will be many questions to be answered.  If you cannot find the answer in these pages, please route your questions through the GBR/CAA - Forums. and we will do our very best to help.   We hope you will be encouraged to become more involved in our Association and you may wish to join us:  Link to Membership Application Form.   Development of this site will continue, and if there are any areas that you feel could be more helpful, or need to be included, please email our P.R.O. at


Introduction to Aerobatics - Buckminster


As a club flyer how can I improve my flying?  There is a link on this page to a club web site, which goes through some very basic thoughts on radio control flying.  I apologise in some way for including this link, as it is expected that much of this information is far too basic for anyone progressing to competition flying.  However is it so easy to overlook the basics and it does no harm at all to be reminded of these points from time to time.

"It is a bit like the BMFA Achievement Scheme without the pressure of needing to pass".
You may want to join us?   Link to Membership Application Form.  What do you get? - The opportunity to fly to a recognised World standard set by the FAI.  You will be part of a Country wide organisation looking after your interest in F3A on behalf of the BMFA.  Official competitions organised for you to enter with league tables. Experienced trained judges to score your flights.  Judges and Pilots training days.  Members only area on the web site forums   Customised GBR/CAA clothing for you to order - (Click here).  You may aim to be a member of the British team to fly in the European and World Championships, Triple Crown and other Internataional competitions. Contact with other flyers/modellers with the same motivation and interest.  See the latest equipment and models at close quarters.  All the help and advice you need.  


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