Flying Aerobatics



Lets keep it simple


If you have worked your way through our hints and tips pages (click for link and choose Hints and Tips from the NASA home page) you will see on Page 2, we say that you should try flying some simple manoeuvres accurately with the model you are flying now.  Our page on club flying may also be of interest to you.

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Taking Aerobatics One Stage Further-:

Have you practiced flying the 'line' and want something a little more ambitious? The "Great Britain Radio Control Aerobatic Association" Clubman Schedule is intended as an entry level schedule where you can do just that.  You can still fly your Acrowot or similar aircraft.


Click here to link to the Clubman Schedule. 


If you feel you are ready for something more advanced then you might choose to enter your first competition flying the Intermediate Schedule.


Click here for a link to the Intermediate Schedule


Remember loops should be round and centred as with all central manoeuvres.  45 up lines should be 45 with the top and bottom arcs the same radii and any roll centred within the line.  Rolls should be axial with wings level on entry and exit.


Wherever you decide to start, it is practice that brings improvement, but your first competition will teach you far more than you think, so don't be tempted to wait until you have flown a good schedule before you enter a comp.  Get the experience of a competition behind you and learn from what you do, see, and hear on the day.  As we say elsewhere, "It is a bit like the BMFA Achievement Scheme without the pressure of needing to pass".


Ready to enter your first competition - for more advice click here


We have lots of ideas of how we can teach you to fly aerobatics, although we don't rely on the following very often!