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General F3P Discussion / Re: The furue of F3P - 2018/2019 season
« Last Post by Ashley Hoyland on Today at 02:32:25 AM »

 I am please to report that the F3P meeting yesterday with 21 pilots and helpers present took on a very positive decision to continue with the our competition leagues and practice sessions next year with the responsibility spread across a wider number of volunteers.

I will let everyone know more details in due course.

Hi Phil
Thank you. A few moments ago I was offered one so the search is over.
Pretty sure (but check) that the E Flite Power 160 is a direct and same replacement if you have trouble getting a genuine AXI one, Leeds model shop was where I last got one.
Thank you John,
I had not thought about their web site. I will check.
I am looking for the front mounted prop adaptor to suit an Axi 5330 / 5325. If you have one for sale could you let me have the asking price please?
Construction & Finishing / Building material
« Last Post by Mark Allen on Yesterday at 07:27:20 PM »
A question for the builders out there.

I see many of the models at comps use lightweight/composite board material for servo and lipo trays, what's the best to use and where do I get it from?

Electric Power / Re: Axi motor 5330 f3a v2
« Last Post by Mike Wood on 17, February 2018, 12:05:58 PM »
A moment of panic just then when glancing at your post and I thought, just for a moment, you were popping your
lipos in the microwave; all well when I read it properly!  :)

Electric Power / Re: Axi motor 5330 f3a v2
« Last Post by Alan Williams on 17, February 2018, 10:08:11 AM »
I too use a picnic box, a couple of the colman small ones. Each will hold 10 5s batteries. In cold wearher i have a warm pac that can be heated in the microwave that keeps them warm when teavelling. Then just pop the discharged pnes back in after a flight to maintain heat. Not 35c but not 5c either.
Electric Power / Re: Axi motor 5330 f3a v2
« Last Post by Peter Jenkins on 16, February 2018, 09:50:48 PM »
I use a picnic box which can be heated when in the car (or cooled for that matter) during cold periods.  Works well.  There are mains/battery models available today.
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