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General F3P Discussion / Gernot Bruckmann - F3P - Aeromusical Finalrunde
« Last Post by Mike Wood on Yesterday at 06:31:06 PM »
If you watch these two simultaneously getting them synchronised, on two screens ideally, it shows what's going on at the business end:

If each one is paused at the start of the music, I found it helpful to start one with the spacebar and the other with a mouse click.


Dear All

Entry is now open for the first F3P Competition of the season on Sunday 12th November 2017 at Minsthorpe Community College.  Entry fee is £20 for all classes. Pre entry is a requirement of all GBR/CAA competitions and entries must be received 7 days prior to the competition.  Enter here.  Please use Ashley Hoyland as Contest Director.

Entry is on a first come first serve basis and your entry is only confirmed once payment has been received. So until you pay I cannot reserve a space for you.

It is also a requirement that competitors are members of the GBR/CAA. However, potential new Members are allowed to enter 1 official comp before joining, but pay normal competition entry fee for the class flown.

A minimum of 10 competitors is required to make the competition viable and a maximum of 20 entries will be accepted to ensure sufficient time for the minimum of 3 rounds.

F3P-A, F3P-B+, F3P-B and F3P-C schedules will be flown. The schedules and manoeuvre descriptions can be found here - 

Please note:

1. For 2107/18 there are proposals for new FAI Schedules which I will list here as soon as possible. They have been listed in the minutes of the FAI Plenary Committee but they need to be confirmed. If these are confirmed they start from January 2018 but I believe we should start our season with the new schedules in place if possible.

2. Due to judges not being available we will run this competition with experienced pilots judging, however we will adjust the rounds so that every pilots gets the same number of flights.  This has been successfully tested in F3A competitions and works well, but we need a minimum of 10 to 12 pilots to make this work.

Pilots briefing will be at 9.15 and I aim to start the first round at 9.30.

Directions to the venue can be found here -

Results will be entered into a League Table as per GBR/CAA domestic league rules.

If you are able to attend the practice session arranged for Sunday 29th October, 09:30 to 12:30 at Minsthorpe we can talk more about our plans then.

'C' Schedule

Ashley Hoyland

'B' Schedule

'B+' Schedule


Adam Lomax
General F3P Discussion / Re: Flying tips wanted
« Last Post by Adam Lomax on Yesterday at 05:44:46 PM »
Consistent stall turns are probably one of the hardest manoeuvres to master in F3P, I assume because there is so little airflow and inertia in these models (although I’m not an aerodynamics expert). I just assume this because I found stall turns easier with our older and faster models.

For me I find a little blip on power just gives you the kick you need to get over the top of the stall turn without falling back on yourself. But not too much that you start flying again instead perform a ‘wing over’.

I would recommend working on the moves you find the scariest so you can get confident with the model. For me this was the knife edge loop - and having the confidence to know that the model would have enough rudder power to do the last 1/4 of the loop and not slam into the floor  :(

Practice makes perfect!  8)
General F3P Discussion / Re: Recommendations for a beginner?
« Last Post by myxiplx on 21, October 2017, 06:18:32 PM »
Unfortunately tomorrow clashes with a Taekwondo grading so I can't make that session.  I'm keeping an eye on the other dates though, this thing is a lot of fun to fly :-)
General F3P Discussion / Re: Recommendations for a beginner?
« Last Post by Ashley Hoyland on 21, October 2017, 05:58:50 PM »

Hi Myx

We have a practice session booked at Minsthorpe tomorrow, 9:30 to 11:30 if you are interested.

Moving the battery is the best way so you do not have to add weight.

Bondaero / Re: New lines for the 2018 season
« Last Post by Chris Bond on 21, October 2017, 02:49:11 PM »
Next up and just in, are alloy wheels in two sizes weighing just about 9g for each wheel and tyre. Replacement tyres also stocked together with brass bearing upgrades. We are really pleased with these and better than anything we have seen at this weight
General F3P Discussion / Flying tips wanted
« Last Post by myxiplx on 21, October 2017, 12:25:13 PM »
Me again :D

As a newbie to F3P I'm not sure if I'm going to want to compete, but I do want to use this opportunity to work on my skills.  Can I ask what you all would recommend me working on?

One move that I'm struggling to do as cleanly as F3P competition videos is a simple stall turn.  How do you get the model to turn neatly on its axis, does it require you to start the turn just before forward airspeed drops, or do you need to manage the throttle during the turn to give you the rudder authority you need?

I started working yesterday on some of my orientations, this Miss Piggy is so graceful in the sky I've plenty of time to think about what I need to do, it's perfect for somebody like myself transitioning from RC Heli aerobatics to RC Plane aerobatics.  So far I've been working on:
  • Upright circuits
  • Loops (trying to maintain constant airspeed and consistent entry & exit heights)
  • Inverted circuits
  • Knife edge circuits (only left wing down and anti-clockwise so far)
  • Prop hang (wheels out, wheels left, wheels right) - wheels towards me is still a little hairy and needs some more sim time
  • Stall turn (very scruffy!  This is easy on a heli, much more difficult when airflow over your controls is a factor!)
My goal for now is to master these, and then start working on transitions, aiming towards a neat torque roll, and neat rolling circuits.
General F3P Discussion / Re: Recommendations for a beginner?
« Last Post by myxiplx on 21, October 2017, 12:16:26 PM »
Startup problem solved, did some googling and from photos I'm pretty sure this is a YGE 7 or YGE 8 ESC.  I've changed the motor timing from the default of 18 to 30 and it's starting smoothly every time now.

I've also tweaked the throttle curves on my TX so low stick has the prop just barely turning and mid stick is roughly hover throttle.  Can't wait to fly it again next week :)

Wondering whether moving the battery back is the best way to adjust the CG, it'll mean cutting a new hole but that's probably the easiest option without adding weight.  However I've no idea how to find where the CG needs to be, and if I'm going to cut into this I don't want to be doing that twice.  Any suggestions?

Oh, and one of the other lads from the flying club wants a F3P model now, Ashley you might be getting a phone call from Jono :D
General F3P Discussion / Re: Recommendations for a beginner?
« Last Post by myxiplx on 20, October 2017, 09:27:44 PM »
Hi folks,

Well Ashley's Miss Piggy had it's maiden flight with me tonight and it flew beautifully.  It made a real change being the slowest flying model in the hall, I've never had a Parkzone Vapour overtake me before, and it's immediately been christened "The Whale" by the guys in the club :-)

Most of the club members haven't seen a F3P model fly before, nor a model turning up in a giant coffin, so it's received a fair bit of attention :-)

I do need to ask some advise though as there's some tweaking needed.  The batteries I'm using are around 2g heavier than the ones Ashley uses, so of course it needed a fair amount of up elevator trim to fly hands off, and so is nosing down when inverted.  What do you use to adjust the CG on these models, how can I add some weight to the tail?

I'm also having some problems from time to time when spooling up.  Every so often it will splutter a bit rather than spool up smoothly and then die until I disconnect and reconnect the battery.  I'm wondering if it's a startup power or ESC setting that needs adjusting, but I don't have any experience with tuning ESCs on planes, and actually don't know what model ESC I have on here.  Any suggestions?

Thanks all!

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