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General Aeromodelling / Re: Full Size World Champs
« Last Post by Pittsartist on Today at 07:38:05 AM »

Hi Angus, Just back off hols - hence the delay in responding

Here's how the normalisation works ..... complex, but designed here in the UK and adopted worldwide. I'm a fan of it.

You have got the hand it to Mamistov, he's won 3 times (2001, 2011 and 2017) in 2 very different aeroplanes (Sukhoi / Extra) over 16 years. This W/C ran the full distance (4 rounds) in very hot and hazy conditions - takes an enormous mental strength to hold it all together. Also the Russians don't appear to have the same strength in depth as they used to .... The French are at least 5 deep with potential winners. Who knows what Ecalle might have done had he still been with us .... He was certainly the best at Silverstone in 2009.

I could only do 2 of the 3 days at our Nationals. Started really well with 3rd in the Free Known round, but then messed up the next day in the unknown with last 5 manuovres zero'd.

I'm actually quite cool with that - a few years back I would have been furious with myself for messing up and not remembering / flying the sequence correctly, but this time I finally realised that the real mistake was not tensing / breathing properly. Even 5 minutes after I landed I could not remember what happened .... the G had been gradually draining me down right from the beginning of the flight and I was so focussed on being accurate I was not managing the blood loss.

Hey ho, I have a new training plan in mind ...... next year !
General F3P Discussion / Re: Recommendations for a beginner?
« Last Post by Ashley Hoyland on Yesterday at 10:36:04 PM »

Sorry - hospital visit.

Should be in most of tomorrow.

General F3P Discussion / Re: Recommendations for a beginner?
« Last Post by myxiplx on Yesterday at 09:02:53 PM »
When's a good time to call fella?  Tried tonight but didn't get an answer :-)
Construction & Finishing / Re: Counterpaw - design, build, fly.
« Last Post by Graeme Jones on Yesterday at 12:02:21 PM »
Yoda - I'm in south Wales, so no. Thanks for the offer though, I'll try to visit next time I'm on holiday in north Wales.

Malcolm - I did try increasing the control throws on the medium size version, Deluge+, but after some experimentation I moved the balance backwards by moving the battery to the rear on the electric one and moving the Rx battery back and adding tail weight on the IC. Then I put the throws back as designed. By the way, even with the original, forward balance, Catspaw will flick roll nicely at normal flying speed, it just wouldn't stall properly when slowed down for spins or landing flair. More of a vague mush, bit I admit I haven't played about with increasing control throws yet. Not enough flying time.

I've also mentioned before that my piloting skills don't really do justice to these aircraft. I started this F3A lark to improve as a pilot, but actually I'm not as good now as I was a few years ago. Again, not enough practice.

I've found an interesting possibility for the problems with Counterpaw. The Biside design notes at Bondaero talk about suitable servos for the AMT. The servos I used for AMT and rudder fall outside their guidelines at 10 Kg cm and 0.07 s/60 (Savox 1257TG). Was I simply over-controlling? Pilot induced oscillation/thumbs lagging behind servos? It might explain why the rudder became more tricky only after I moved weight forward. I'll try one of them in another aircraft instead of my usual Futaba 3152.


PS I never did get round to fitting the mass balances that I made for the AMT. That might have helped too.
For Sale and Wanted / Sebart Edge 540 S 50 airframe only.
« Last Post by TomLaird on Yesterday at 09:56:14 AM »
Sebart Edge 540 S 50 airframe only. The undercarriage area, legs and battery tray were reinforced before flying. The model has had 6 trimming flights only. Change of direction drives sale at £180 airframe ony. Wheel spats and transfers include in sale. Location is 10 miles west of Edinburgh but can deliver to Carlisle/Dumfries area this coming weekend. Phone / text 07761-645644
NPOD / Re: East Anglia NPOD - 23 Sep 17
« Last Post by Peter Jenkins on Yesterday at 09:47:28 AM »
Hi Keith

I have to say that I've always had great support from GBR/CAA pilots right from the first NPOD I organised.  This was the fifth one over 6 years and the support remains solid.  The feedback from these guys has always been very positive as they can see the great improvement in the flying of their students during the day.

These NPODs have resulted in a significant number of pilots entering full GBR/CAA competitions but not as many as I had hoped.  Also, some having come into competition flying have sadly stopped competing.

Let's hope that more pilots find F3A the spark they need to galvanise them into joining the fun in competition.

Construction & Finishing / Re: Counterpaw - design, build, fly.
« Last Post by Yoda on Yesterday at 09:34:38 AM »
No, no one else has flown any of this series of models, I'm the only pilot in my club that flies mode 1, and I'm alone in Wales in flying F3A.

Hi Graeme,

Are you near the Rhyl or Wrexham clubs? There are a few guys there who could give you some advice. Mode 1, sorry, not sure.
IC Power / Re: YS + low nitro fuel
« Last Post by Yoda on Yesterday at 09:27:25 AM »
An update.

Well I never bought the 185 Zero as a I discovered a virtually new 170 CDi back at the parents place. This is an early 170CDi without the cut out in the head to accommodate the spark plug cap unit. Anyway, I was running it on CDi for a short while back until March but the spark plug cap never located that well on the plug so predictably it wore out pretty quickly. I have a 120 degree spark plug cap unit but I've not used it yet. I went back to glow and it ran superbly so I just left it like that at the end of March. Fast forward to last Saturday and I flew it again on 17% nitro (not sure how I ended up with that percentage, but I did). Ran great. Went to a comp the next day but unfortunately I had no more 17% left only 12% nitro which I'd been running when on CDi. Anyway, I had an engine cut on the first flight at the end of the first manouevre. The next three rounds I upped it to 30% and it was superb. With that in mind and after tinkering with various 170 and 175 CDi engines on glow and spark I've reached the following conclusions:

On glow you basically need 15% unless running high compression (Zero spec). Running higher nitro makes a massive difference to the power and I do mean massive.

On CDi you can run them on 0% nitro but the main jet settling becomes extremely critical. For ease of use and slightly more power you are really looking at using 7.5% nitro and above. As with glow, running higher nitro does make a massive difference to the power.

At some point I will step up to the 185 Zero but I still have a new 170 here and Adrian's 170 CDi which has also seen little use so it probably wont be for some time.
Construction & Finishing / Re: Counterpaw - design, build, fly.
« Last Post by Malcolm Harris on Yesterday at 08:48:23 AM »
Thank goodness there are still guys like you doing their own thing. Please don't stop and keep entertaining us by posting here.

I would definitely urge you to move the CG forward on your mono and increase control authority until it will do what you want.

I'm sure you will find a nicer flying aeroplane.

Kind regards,
NPOD / Re: East Anglia NPOD - 23 Sep 17
« Last Post by Keith Jackson on Yesterday at 08:39:35 AM »
Hi Peter,

I can empathise with seeing FAI schedules flown and the impact they have on pilots who have not encountered them before. My own experience started in Scotland watching Steve Burgess (Fresh Aire / YS 120AC) and Malcolm Harris (Summit III / YS 120AC). The noise (lack of), performance and the presence of these models left a lasting impression on me, and was so far from what my Chilli Breeze/Irvine 36 had allowed me to experience.

Its great that you had several GBRCAA pilots helping out yesterday; I'd hope be in a position to get involved out in the future, especially if there are any Npods closer to Cheshire

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