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Construction & Finishing / Re: Building material
« Last Post by Alan Wild on Yesterday at 12:54:10 PM » me, you're not too concerned with the external finish of home brewed laminates that will not be seen when flying,the cheapest black( polypropylene?) bin bags from the likes of Tesco make excellent separation films.
Personally,if I ever run out of my stock of  3mm. glass/nomex honeycomb bought years ago, I'd use 3-4mm blue foam, or even 4mm depron (Pizza bases?) ,laminated each side with 50-60 gram glass/epoxy under pressure from melamine faced board with g clamps for the force.
Separated as above, more than strong enough for Rxs, Rx batteries, &c., and easily strengthened with 3mm carbon tubes ,and ply hard points,for tasks like esc platforms, motor batteries, and rudder servo mounts across the fuselage.
Construction & Finishing / Re: Building material
« Last Post by Ashley Hoyland on Yesterday at 11:36:15 AM »

I sandwich my laminates between two pieces of glass (much cheaper if you want to experiment) but you do need to pay attention to applying the release agent. Lots of weight on top of the glass, but if you want to regulate the amount of resin staying in the sandwich you may want to pack the space between the to the two pieces of glass to the right thickness, however I rarely do this as I usually want as much resin squeezed out as possible to keep it light.

For Sale and Wanted / Re: Wanted: Revoc type Tx harness for Tx tray
« Last Post by Bill Michie on Yesterday at 10:14:17 AM »
Thanks for the info guys! Harness strap on order.

Construction & Finishing / Re: Building material
« Last Post by Mark Allen on Yesterday at 09:46:05 AM »
Many thanks Alex & Malcolm, I will follow up your links. Half the battle was knowing what this stuff is called so that's very helpful.

Gerhard has me wanting to try some home made laminating too...
Construction & Finishing / Re: Building material
« Last Post by Malcolm Harris on Yesterday at 08:57:34 AM »

Have a word with Bill White at Dumfries Model Flying, 01387 270111. He stocks carbon/balsa and carbon/herex made by PT models in various thicknesses.

For Sale and Wanted / Wanted 2.ys check valves for fz engines
« Last Post by steveplummer on Yesterday at 07:44:30 AM »
Wanted 2 ys fz.check valves
Competition News / Re: Skelbrooke 7th April 2018
« Last Post by Ashley Hoyland on 19, February 2018, 11:23:57 PM »

Thank you Mick, sorry you can't make it.

I will contact our treasure and pass on the information.

Thank you for again for letting me know.

Kind Regards

Just a point to note - there are  similar types which will fit the Axi 8mm shaft - but the Axi thread & nut is 12mm 1.5mm pitch thread - but some of the others are 1.75mm pitch.
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