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Ashbourne National League Competition Sunday 12th August

All schedules will be flown and points gained will contribute to the National League standings.

Entries are welcomed from all BMFA members holding a current A certificate.

Entries particularly welcome from Clubman and Intermediate pilots


Ross Donovan
Chris Halgreen
Adrian Harrison


Mick Broad

Judges TBA

Depending upon the number of entries received there will be a minimum of 3 maybe 4 rounds flown.
Gates to the site will be open at 8.00am and then locked at 9.00am
Pilots briefing 9.15 -  First flight (electric) 9.30
A reserve list will be in operation if /when16 entries are received.

Airfield directions;
The entrance to the airfield is found on the East side of the town, off the A52 Derby road.
From the East (Derby), as you approach Ashbourne on the A52 you come to a crossroads for Osmaston (left) and Bradley (right), Lady Hole Lane. Turn onto Lady Hole lane and approximately 400yds past the first entrance on the left is the entrance to the airfield.
From the West (Leek), continue through Ashbourne following the signs for A52 Derby, do not follow AIRFIELD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE signs, again you will  approach a crossroads, turn left onto Lady Hole Lane.
PLEASE NOTE when entering the airfield please stay on the main runway and proceed to the factory directly in front of you. Turn right and following the dirt track to the green hut.

CD Adrian Harrison
Electric Power / Re: C rating on. Lipos
« Last Post by Peter Jenkins on Today at 08:22:39 PM »
I have to say that I have experienced the opposite to Al but that might be due to differences between the CRS and Adverun drives.  To begin with I was using less battery capacity than on my Citrin which has a Hacker C50-13 XL and a 3 blade 20x13 prop.  I was told i was flying the Agenda too slowly so I upped the speed and now battery capacity is pretty much the same with 3.7 v/cell at the end of the P19 schedule.
Electric Power / Re: C rating on. Lipos
« Last Post by Stephen Simm on Today at 07:28:59 PM »
Thanks Alan, seems the contras put more stress on the batteries then.

Has anyone else found this?

Hi Chris

can you provisionally put me in for this one please,

Thanks Steve FAI P19 please

We got to the practice filed around 09:15 to  join Stefan Kaiser, (we passed Sabastiano Silvestri on the way to the field)  and Sandro Matti joined us for just one flight.

Our team flew continuously until our lunch break and all sampled Eddy's banana cake, much appreciated thank you Judy. 

Shortly after lunch I left to visit the competition site to see the model processing procedure before attending the Team Managers meeting in the next village.

I will publish the flying order when the team have been told later this evening when they get back from practice.

So a fairly early start in the morning for official practice at 09:00 with processing thirty minutes later.

Forgot to mention it rained today for about 2 or 3 hours, cleared up again now though.
Results attached for those who didn't get a copy on the day.
We have all arrived safely and had several practice flights at the main competition site.

The weather is just like we have had in the UK for several weeks - it is hot but a slight breeze today.  Just as Garry and Gerhard arrived at the field so did two F16s (I think they were) gave us a couple of circuits of the field.  They were low and Derk who was in the middle of a schedule had to stay low and land.  There is a rumour that we may see more of them.

Gernot Bruckman's Pandora looks different to everything else in the air (and on the ground as well) slow and very accurate but the practice flight of the day for me went to Marc Rubin and his Galactica YS 200 power on a 21.5 x 10.5 prop.

Still many of the top names to be seen in the air. 

Back to the hotel for about 19:15 before walking down the road for a steak and fries, Garry's burger was the monster of the evening, but he ate the lot.

We walked back to the hotel, still very warm to look at the documentation required for official practice and processing on Saturday morning.  The French Team and then Lassi follow us in in official practice so hopefully we can catch a glimpse of what they have to offer.

Tomorrow - breakfast at 07:45 and then off to find a practice field for the day.  I will have to leave early to attend the TM meeting, not many miles but so many roundabouts and 50 -70 kph stretches it will take ages to get there.

I have uploaded some photographs to the photo gallery - captions to follow and I have the topic now for continuity. 

06:30 Friday - overcast this morning but no wind.

More tomorrow

Hi Matt. Not sure how quickly the BMFA send you entry details. I paid for an entry into P Only yesterday. Look forward to seeing you at Barkston.

Ok, thanks.  Not very, I'll add names when I receive confirmation from the BMFA.
Electric Power / Re: C rating on. Lipos
« Last Post by Alan Williams on Yesterday at 07:52:14 PM »

Just to add some info. I started using zippy compacts (rated 25C) with my hacker C50 a couple of years back. Last year I changed to the blue turnigy cells ( rated 20C). Both performed very well. No puffing, maybe a little swelling but very little I am still using some of the very old zippys as well as last years and this years turnigy packs. I started flying an Adverrun contra recently and the blue packs have all puffed quite a bit, the zippys not so much. I usually finish with 20-30% remaining, this was true with the C50 and the Adverrun. The C-50 drew about 70 amps, the Adverrun is more in the 85 amp region, though I must stress I have not done scientific back to back tests. My guess/assumption/gut feel is that the higher amp draw of the Adverrun is stressing the low C rating packs even though it is within the 100 amp max one might assume is OK.
I have just bought a set of ONBO 35-70C packs and I will be interested to see how they fare in the long term.

Electric Power / Re: C rating on. Lipos
« Last Post by Stephen Simm on Yesterday at 03:31:25 PM »
No worries Peter, any help and advice is much appreciated
Best wishes

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