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For Sale and Wanted / Bravo by Wistmodel 2m F3a
« Last Post by IanG on Today at 08:38:12 AM »

F3A Bravo 2m Pattern

Not asking the world for this as it has had a substantial repair in the past.   I got this airframe in 2015, repaired it and flown it since.  Its not "perfect" but it does fly really well.   Sadly I've no time to fly so I'm not committing to RC at all next year.

It is currently setup and flying with :

Axi 5325/25
Spektrum AR9310 9ch DSMX Carbon Fuselage receiver
x2 DSMX Satellites
Hobbywing Platinum 100A ESC
Wistmodel carbon fibre spinner, with cooling holes
x5 Ripmax 10kg servos
APC Prop
Wing Bags
x3 10s packs   

This is a completely bind and fly setup.   I have no use for the receivers so not looking to split.    Neither is it a "new" airframe but as either a first 2m or for someone wanting to start F3a without the expense this is perfect.   Remember not that I've changed from standard but this does have fully adjustable wings and tail incidence.   

Price wise,  I think a fair price on this is £550 but I am open to a little discussion.   I'm based in West Yorkshire but can travel a little within reason.   

Thanks for looking

For Sale and Wanted / Re: Pre Christmas clear-out
« Last Post by jwmm on Yesterday at 05:56:19 PM »
Hi Tom. PM sent
Regards John

Hi Mike

Very interesting video clip and what a clever and interesting person he is too, thanks for posting it

General Pattern Discussion / Re: Axiome 70 EP setup
« Last Post by shaven on 10, November 2018, 07:53:47 AM »
Hi Peter,

Thanks for replying and good to hear from you.

Phil my instructor is telling me the same thing, "it's all about throttle management".

I've made a note about the cell voltage and will use that as a reference, and from my current experiences I'm within those tolerances.

I found the Clubman days, and especially the NPOD really useful and good fun.  I made the decision to concentrate on the B so that I have a solid foundation from which to grow.  I must say that I especially like Knettishall as I have fond memories of the airfield and the local area when growing up.

General Pattern Discussion / Re: Axiome 70 EP setup
« Last Post by shaven on 10, November 2018, 07:39:52 AM »
Hi Chris

I'll check the motor size over the weekend and post it here.


For Sale and Wanted / Oxai Galactika GP FOR SALE
« Last Post by Matt Hoyland on 09, November 2018, 05:21:29 PM »
 Oxai (HuiYang) Galactika GP For Sale
2x YS 185's.  One CDI red head, one the std CDI version.  Both had less than 100 flights.
 YS mount
 Hatori pipe and YS header
 Futaba BLS 174's on aileron
 Futaba BLS 173's on elevator
 Futaba BLS 171 on rudder
Futaba S3174sv on Throttle

ThrottleTech Remote CDI switch
OptiGuard with remote switch
 Oxai covers

Full Oxai accessory kit fitted

Model has had less than 100 flights, can check exact number.  YS's were run in in another model so have had more flights than the model.  Little bit of cosmetic damage on the cowl and I have reinforced the wing seating area (epoxy and filler) and covered with carbon effect profilm - which you can't see when assembled.

More pictures can be supplied on request.

General Pattern Discussion / Re: Axiome 70 EP setup
« Last Post by Peter Jenkins on 08, November 2018, 12:23:30 PM »
Hi Neal

My experience with a Fantasista 70 is that I can get 8 mins flight time.  I have a 420 kv Hacker and am using 5S 4500 packs with a 17 x 12 prop.  (When the packs need replacing, I'll probably go 6S and change to a 16x10 prop).  One of the key determinants on flight duration is use of throttle.  It is not easy to learn how best to use the throttle.  This is generally not an issue for Clubman since the schedule only takes about 5 - 6 minutes to fly but becomes more of an issue as you fly the longer schedules.  It does take time to learn how to use the throttle.  Flying in competition, which I'm pleased to see you are intending to after doing so well in the NPOD, will help no end to learn this and other key F3A techniques by: watching others fly; by chatting to the expert pilots; putting their advice into practice.  It took me around 4 seasons before I felt that I was able to use the throttle properly - yes, I know, slow learner! 

Incidentally, don't rely on the %age remaining on the pack.  Best is to look at the per cell voltage.  Ending with between 3.7 and 3.8 v/cell is fine.  That usually shows as 14% remaining on my voltage meter across that range.  That's flying the P schedule.
General Pattern Discussion / Re: Axiome 70 EP setup
« Last Post by Chris Bond on 08, November 2018, 08:02:52 AM »
Hi Neal,

Firstly great to hear that you are planning to fly Clubman next year.

The Axiome will fly on 5s or 6s lipo depending on the motor and prop combination. If you let us know what motor you have and what ESC we will be able to advise accurately.  Battery choice is within reason needs to match the powerset rather than the Airframe.

General Pattern Discussion / Axiome 70 EP setup
« Last Post by shaven on 07, November 2018, 09:00:41 PM »
Hi - I've been loaned an Axiome 70EP to work through my B and then to fly the clubman with in 2019.  I'm learning how to fly this aeroplane and enjoying it very much.  It came with 6s 4,800mAH batteries (25C) for the ESC/motor which is giving me 7 mins and leaving ~25 to 30%.  It's also running a 950mAh nimh for the rx and servos.  The recommended setup for 6s says 3,300 (35C) using a 15x8E prop.  I was wondering who else might have an Axiome 70 and what you've found to be a good setup?  I'm especially interested in your choice of batteries as I'd like to buy some more as the current ones are well into their life-cycle.

Any advice on this model would be welcome.

Thanks, Neal

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