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Hi Richard

I think I missed this first time around, I just saw it on your list of videos and then checked to see if you had
posted it here, which you had.

I really liked it and you can here the passion in your voice and I think what you say, starting at 6 mins in, says
a lot, about being in the Now, there's nothing else and when flying aerobatics, full size and models alike, as
you say, at that moment, there's nothing but the Now  8)

Wonderful mini docu on aerobatic flight, enjoyed the cinematography; the whole production!


General Aeromodelling / Re: 2018 Free Known
« Last Post by Mike Wood on Today at 05:43:00 PM »
Seems like a great idea!

After posting, I did think it was slightly odd that I thought having a solid floor, felt somehow safer than being able
to see the ground  :)

On the other hand, we haven't seen any airlines introduce glass floors in passenger aircraft ... yet!

Hope you have a great 2018 season  8)

General Aeromodelling / Re: 2018 Free Known
« Last Post by Pittsartist on Today at 12:46:45 PM »
Thanks Mike.

The "Plans" belly is made from 25 thou aluminium. When i did a rebuild in 2011 I made replacements from 1.2mm lexan. It's good for having a quick look before you spin downwards (as in the video), but also particularly useful during pre flight for spotting loose objects or control system problems.

All the best.

Hi Adrian,

Could you add me to the attendees list please?

Cheers, The other Adrian.
General Aeromodelling / Re: 2018 Free Known
« Last Post by Mike Wood on 16, March 2018, 07:22:11 PM »

omg ... you can see out the bottom!

General Aeromodelling / 2018 Free Known
« Last Post by Pittsartist on 16, March 2018, 05:38:09 PM »

Here's my 2018 Free Known sequence ... about the 3rd practice flight.

It flows pretty nicely, but I'm still loosing quite a lot of height - particularly in the first 1/3 of it. (if you freeze it at 22 secs you can see the sequence card on the Panel)

Just in case anyone's interested, here's how it works. Basically you are given 5 mandatory elements and you have to design the rest yourself around them whilst meeting a number of other criteria

Not a bad idea in my opinion, if only to keep the judges awake !

Roll on Spring !

General Pattern Discussion / Re: Looking back
« Last Post by Mike Wood on 16, March 2018, 04:41:11 PM »
If we could all get just one pilot each interested in F3A over the coming season ....

General Pattern Discussion / New for 2018
« Last Post by Ashley Hoyland on 16, March 2018, 07:59:50 AM »

I have updated the GBRCAA stickers for 2018/2019.  This is the first time I have not used the image of a Christophe model with Tetsuo being World Champion.

Our leaflets have also been updated and printed on 150gms paper with a silk finish.  It has been agreed that these will be available in the reception at BMFA Buckminster, but the PDF prints well if you want some for your own use.

Both of these are now available.

For Sale and Wanted / Re: Extreme Flight Vanquish 2m
« Last Post by Jon Tappin on 15, March 2018, 05:04:16 PM »
More pics
For Sale and Wanted / Extreme Flight Vanquish 2m
« Last Post by Jon Tappin on 15, March 2018, 04:57:28 PM »
This model was the subject of a review for Q&EF International magazine in 2012, but has had very limited use and hasn’t been flown now for about 2 years, it has had less than 50 flights in total. I am only selling it as it doesn’t get used and I have too much stuff and not enough space.

It is in excellent condition, the wheel spats were slightly damaged as I fly off grass, so have been repaired, resprayed and lacquered so now are as good as new. The only issues are some marks on the film around the underside of the undercarriage due to the mounting plate loosening (since repaired) and a few very minor surface marks.

The model flies beautifully and would be perfect for someone getting into F3a or just a really nice weekend flyer.

Equipment was all new when installed and includes the following

Hacker Q60 F3a
Jeti Spin 125 Esc
Powerbox Digi switch/regulator
Servos are all JR digitals, 8411 on rudder, 2 x 9421 on ailerons and 2 x 3421 on elevators

The tail halves are removable and both wing and tail have incidence adjusters.

The buyer will need to add a receiver and rx and main battery.  I was using a 2s 1100mah lipo rx pack and 10s 5000mah main pack
I have plenty of high res images which I can email if required, I had to take these indoors as the weather is so bad!
Total cost when new was over £1,600, I am asking for £800

This will need to be collected and I am prepared to travel a reasonable distance to meet if necessary. I am located in Poole in Dorset.
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