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F3a Intermediate Video
« on: 16, December 2017, 10:46:06 AM »
I've just uploaded a video of the F3a Intermediate using the Phoenix flight simulator and the West Calder Model Flying Club scenery file ( I'm not scoring 10 in each move but it should give folk an idea of the schedule.

Remember to change the resolution to 720

I went lower than normal so I could see my centre flag
The 4 point roll should not have a bump in the middle
The square loop should DEFINATELY not be that low
Perhaps a slight optical illision on the humpty up-line?
The exit from the "S" should be level
The KE pass should be level
It is impossible to get Phoenix to spin properly
The landing should be a constant down from when you exit the last manouver and call "Landing"
Nobody lands on our tarmac runway on purpose as it slopes downwards and you can run off the end