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Title: F3P Model for 2017/2018
Post by: Adam Lomax on 07, October 2017, 06:27:50 pm
There seem to be very few decent mylar F3P models on the market at the moment, particularly now the Trivia and Elanor are hard to come by.

To try and make F3P more accessible for everyone I am offering the plans for my own design model in DXF format, unfortunately I don't have the software to convert them to PDF at the moment. If anyone fancies turning the DXF into a set of tiles plans someone could print out at home then please let me know! If you PM me your email address then I can email you the files directly.

I would also be able to CNC a few basic kits (foam parts only) for those who don't have access to any CAD software - for a small fee to cover my costs of course!