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Title: F3P Heatwave models & EIM pylon racers
Post by: SteveDunne on 23, September 2018, 03:42:06 pm
 It has just been pointed out to me that I had posted this in the wrong forum
Sorry about that, I hope that it is OK to re-post it here. I have also reduced the prices...

The F3P season is nearly upon us again!

Last season I splashed out and built two new Mark Taylor Heatwaves, but due to health issues I was only able to fly in two competitions. This season I won't be able to fly competitions at all, so they are now up for sale...

Heatwave number four flew in two competitions, number 3 only flew in practice. Both in excellent condition.
Each one is fitted with Nicolas Pietu XC2802/44 featherlight motors, YGE8 escs, four DO3013 servos, DSM2 receivers, brakes and 9" CF props.
They each weigh 76 grams without batteries, and I will provide 3 x 2S 160maH batteries (11g) with each one.

HW3 is in a Corricor transport box, HW4 is in a lighter Correx transport box.
If you have a DSM2 (Spektrum) transmitter they are both ready to fly and compete!

They are for sale at £160 each, collect from Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Contact Steve Dunne 07850 730379 or reply via email button.

I also have two Mark Taylor Indoor Pylon Racers, with A10-12S 2200 motors, esc, servos and rx fitted. They have had trimming flights only, but go like stink! £40 each ready to fly.

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