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Hi Richard.  You must enter using the electronic entry form and pay either using PayPal or by cheque through the post before hand.  You can find the entry form here or by going to the GBRCAA website and clicking on the Contests and Events tab.

Can we pay on the day Peter?
IC Power / Re: YS FZ-115WS
« Last Post by Ashley Hoyland on Today at 01:48:13 PM »

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

For Sale and Wanted / Spark evo 1 for sale
« Last Post by Joe Wotton on Today at 10:52:30 AM »
Krill Spark evo 1 for sale,very good condition,comes with Futaba BLS servos throughout and Turnigy G160 motor.
Exellent model for clubman through to FAI.
For Sale and Wanted / Re: For Sale 3 Blade Prop & Spinner
« Last Post by Brian B on Today at 10:14:14 AM »
All items now sold
For Sale and Wanted / Extreme composite Allure 2m for sale
« Last Post by Joe Wotton on Today at 09:48:35 AM »
For sale my Allure F3A 2M airframe,model is in great condition with only a few minor blemishes,unable to upload pics at the moment,but 2 pics can be found on GBRCAA photo gallery under 2018 season GBRCAA champs Buckminster reference IMG8031 and IMG8091.
Aiframe comes with Futaba BLS HV servos throughout.
A quality all composite model.
Price £750.
If needed can be supplied with Hacker Q80 11s motor and Jeti 99 opto esc for an extra £300.

IC Power / Re: YS FZ-115WS
« Last Post by Julian Harland on Today at 09:25:50 AM »
Thank you Ashley, I do know those links.  My reach out was more seeking if any member had experience of this engine.  Perhaps it is a US specific product, catering to a niche there.  It is priced a little more than the 115S but most vendors have no stock anymore of the regular engine.  I confess I am looking at the US distributor taking advantage of a business trip out there in June.


Welcome to our forum Andy, I hope you get the information you are looking for.

For Sale and Wanted / >> Wanted >> 21 x 14 electric prop - Carbon <<
« Last Post by M A W on Yesterday at 11:31:23 PM »
After a 21 x 14 'E' prop in Carbon - either in good used condition or new in packet.
For Sale and Wanted / Re: Fliton Element 30 F3a - Wheel Pants wanted
« Last Post by Nigel Armstrong on Yesterday at 10:40:13 PM »

Not sure if the spats your looking for are anything particularly special. If there not try giving Dumfries Models a call. A set of Seb Art 30 size spats might just do the job.

Welcome to the forum, Nigel.
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