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Angel "S" By Sebart

Started by Darren Mee, 15, March 2007, 10:45:35 PM

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Darren Mee

Came across these Picture's, has any body got one of these Angel "S" Planes yet.

Note this is the small electric version.

brandon ransley

no but I have had 2 flights on the Katana S and seems very good

Darren Mee

Hi Brandon

Do you have the Katana S30 or NEW S 50 version as I think the Angel "S" will be the same size as the S50.

They do look like good kits, cant wait to get an Angel "S".

Just can not find any more info on it though. Let us know how yours goes once you have done more flying with it.

brandon ransley

Katana S 30 - complete with engine speed controller - gr8 little package - now waiting for some new FlightPower batteries

Darren Mee

oh yes this is the plane with JR Servos, can you feel the difference  ;)

Darren Mee

Looks like the Angel "S" 50 will be ready soon, some time this summer. ;D


that angel s looks very nice 8) dont know if to wait for the fliton inspire 90 or go for this one ::)

Darren Mee

For me the Angel "S" is a much better looking plane, the Inspire does not Inspire mee  :o

Darren Mee

found another pic of the Angel "S"  ;D


I take it the one that chip hyde and sebastion and lots of other guys are using a bigger version or is this the 2m plane, seems small to me  ???


Darren Mee


This is the Sebart version, not the Russion version. The Sebart version is not a composite model, and should be available by the end of July.

Details of Angel "S"
Wing Span 62,6 in
Length 65,4 in
Weight 77,4 oz
Red/Green version
Engine: Hacker A50-16S

More details are found from these links,

and a video as well and instruction manual

Looks a great little practice plane.......... ;D




if its anything like the Katana 50, it should be awesome, been flying mine for a week now, hoping to get the AngelS when its in :D

Ian Mould (Mouldy)

Flown the Katana 50S now and love it! Not sure about the control throws as it was way to sensitive for the type of flying I like. Needed to add 5g of lead to the tail and another 5 to the right wing tip. Havent flown it since taming down the throws and adding the lead though.


Where can I get hold of an Angel S 50? Definitely interested in one as I'm going to be getting back into flying and f3a in the spring and this seems to be a great little model to do it with... I was thinking Kyosho Oxalys but fancy an electric instead.

Also does anyone know what one will set you back?





try Sussex Model Center
TJD Models
Model Shop Leeds
Unlimited RC

Cost varies from shop to shop, so look around. But you will love the model, it really does fly amazingly well.