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Align Motor Strip - 2
« on: 16, November 2017, 07:31:09 PM »
Having now stripped the Align motor -thought it might be useful to share the experience gained.
I needed to strip the motor since I could see & hear debris stuck to the magnets...
There is a useful video on u tube showing the method - but its not all plain sailing.

1. Firstly the shaft has to be removed by removing 2 x 4mm grub screws located inside the black cap at the rear of the motor. Easy -but don't let them drop into the motor. (easy)

2. The shaft has to be pressed or pushed out with a punch or similar, located on the shaft at the rear. 3rd photo. Tres difficult! I located the motor face down on 2 wood blocks & it took some effort to remove it. It was obvious why on later inspection -the bush that located the shaft in the end cap had been painted. (can be seen on 1st photo) This alone added much friction. Also there are 2 'dimples' in the shaft that locate the grub screws. They damaged the bush making re assembly impossibly tight, since the shaft has to be free to be rotated after assembly to locate the 2 dimples.

Hmm -  I now had £200 of scrap! Luckily I had a 10mm reamer (same as shaft diameter) & managed to remove the offending paint from the end cap bush -but still too tight a fit.

Next problem was that the dimples were slightly raised - but managed to remove the burrs simply in the lathe with 1500 paper. ( a drill would suffice instead of the lathe)

SO - managed it at last (thanks to u tube)

Moral of the story - keep motors on the bench in a polythene bag. Motor magnets are mighty powerful.

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