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« on: 28, August 2018, 06:31:33 AM »
I thought I'd share a quick video taken just before the monsoon started on Sunday morning. This is a coaching flight over Cranwell, the video is my usual headset mounted camera, but the "voice" is that of the coach - who is on the ground 150m back from the main runway at centre box.

He is recording into an android phone, at the end of the flight he emails me the commentary and by the time i've landed and shut down its there on my iphone for a post flight debrief. When I get home I simply match the "wing rocks" comment to the video and make the film in the link below. Standard practice for the top French coaches apparently.

I'm posting here because I'd never heard of this technique in my F3A days - if you can find a the right person to watch your flights and record their thoughts it seems like a really good way to raise your game. (PS - having a thick skin also helps  ;) )

Here's the film - there's a password "pba"
[size=78%]     [/size]


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Re: Coaching
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Fascinating  8)



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Re: Coaching
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That was great Richard and it was good to catch up yesterday

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Re: Coaching
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Yes, I’ll echo both of Jon’s comments.

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Re: Coaching
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Hi,Smart Recorder for Android has a feature which skips silence so you do not have the long pauses between comments.brTom