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New Lipos
« on: 29, August 2018, 03:21:55 pm »
I have just taken delivery of two new set of lipo batteries. They have been balance charged. My usual practice is to fly them gently. No full power verticals of really big manoeuvres for the first few cycles so the packs don't become over stressed. A sort of running in process. Is this the correct thing to do or can you just use them "out of the box" once there charged?

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Re: New Lipos
« Reply #1 on: 29, August 2018, 06:58:15 pm »
There seems to be two schools of practice: those that do and those that don't.

Certainly OptiPower have recommended in the past that you "run them in" / "form" them, while others take delivery, charge
and hit the schedule.;topic=4316.0;attach=7285

A YouTuber did a fairly good comparison where he concluded that it may make a few percent difference if any in performance
in terms of duration of flight, but
whether things like voltage drop under load could also be affected, I've not seen anything on this.

I have done what OptiPower recommend in terms of auto cycles on the charger / discharger, but only down to 3.8v per cell.

I'd say if you have the time to give them a gentle start, then so much the better.

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