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Clubman pilots - welcome!
« on: 17, April 2019, 09:40:21 AM »
It gives me a great amount of pleasure to welcome more Clubman pilots to their first competition season than we have for some years and I hope we can give a reminder to help start off your experience well.

One of the main bits of advice we always give is to try and impress the judges right from the takeoff.  The takeoff is something you do every time you fly, so points can be gained fairly easily if you follow the rules and take your time after opening the throttle for the take off run.  This manoeuvre is scored out of ten the same as all other manoeuvres, but it is reasonably easy to score a 7 or 8 which is a good start with a 'K' factor of 2.

We consciously decided to score take offs and landing from 0 to 10 in Clubman and Intermediate to give pilots a structured procedure right from the start of their flight, so take advantage.

All the takeoff and landing judges notes along with downgrades are here:

I hope this helps, enjoy.

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Re: Clubman pilots - welcome!
« Reply #1 on: 19, April 2019, 01:22:05 PM »
Just to add to Asley's comments above - (commenting as  a judge & having flown competitively years ago).

Making a good impression!:

1. As Ashley says -take your time. The judges want you to do well. They don't want to subtract points.

2. MAKE THE JUDGES WAIT!  - don't feel under pressure to get to the first centre manoeuvre as quick as possible. You will gain
    respect this way - & you will be in charge.

3. Impossible I know - but try & relax. You will not fly as well as on your club patch. But don't worry about that - that will come with

4. Be assured that everyone else has been through the same experience - so you are in good company!

5. Don't worry if your scores vary at other competitions. It can be upsetting if your scores are down from the last comp.

6.The judges are only human (I think) & their scores will vary - the aim is to find a winner of the competition using the rule book as
   a guide. If you think you've flown better than a competitor -but he's beaten you - by all means ask the judges why - they will only
    be too glad to help. But don't wait until the've judged many more flights before asking...……….
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