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Hurley - 1st BMFA Open +Team Selection - 24th May 2020
« on: 15, January 2020, 10:21:18 am »

Plane Crazy MFC - Hurley will host the 1st BMFA Open + Team selection event on 24th May 2020.
It is intended that all competitors will fly 3 rounds. All FAI pilots including team selection pilots will fly P21( F21will not be flown)
There will be a pilots briefing at 8.30am and first flight at 9.15.

Reserve list now in operation:-   Brandon Ransley

Ken Moss
Matt Hoyland (TS)
Andy Shutt
Adrian Harrison (TS)
Ross Donovan
George Drever
Chris Halgreen
Kevin Caton (TS)
Brian Hoare
Malcolm Balfour (TS)
Thomas David(TS)
Keith Jackson (TS)
Steve Burgess (TS)
Malcolm Harris (TS)
David Balfour (TS)

Phil Lewis

Graham Gooch

Judges  1) Bob Ailles    2) Stuart Mellor
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