The Need for Judges

Our aim is to provide resources for anyone involved, or wishing to become involved, in judging at our competitions.


To run a successful aerobatic competition, we need several important elements; A site, an organizer, reasonable weather, pilots, and of course qualified and enthusiastic people to act as judges. Without the judges, there can be no competition.


In an ideal world we would have a panel of full-time judges who are able to attend all competitions. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so we rely upon a few judges to attend when they can. Often, we need to make up our judging panel with “pilot judges”. These are pilots who are entering that competition but make themselves available to judge classes. At some competitions the judging panel may well consist of pilot judges only. Due to more pilots having to judge, we need to spread the workload so that pilots can concentrate on flying as well! If we need to use pilot judges, the ideal situation would be to have enough judges so they only have to judge one or two schedules each.


We are therefore always looking to expand the number of people who are willing & capable to act as judges.


One myth that needs to be dispelled is that to judge a schedule, you must be able to fly it. This is simply untrue and is disproved by the fact that several international judges have NEVER flown a model aeroplane.