FAI Schedules

The FAI schedules are for the top pilots and is split into three schedules. The ‘P’ is for preliminary rounds, the ‘F’ is more difficult for the finals schedule, and then there are the ‘Unknown’ schedules which are made up of manoeuvres chosen from the official FAI list of manoeuvres, by the competitors, after dark on the day before they are flown, no practice flights are allowed.

2022-23  Preliminary Schedule


P23 Calling Card   


P23 Manoeuvre illustrations    


P23 Scoring Analysis sheet

The analysis sheet allows you to input your competition scores & highlight where most points are being lost. All boxes start with 10 so that if less than 3 rounds are being flown, the final ‘Biggest loss ranking’ will be correct. This helps to highlight where practice will pay off the most. The sheets are also quick & easy to fill in (using a mobile etc.) at competitions, to quickly check the addition on the score sheets if the Notaumatics are not operating.


2022-23  Finals Schedule


F23 Calling Card


    F23 Manoeuvre Illustrations

Please see the latest FAI Sporting Code (there is a link on the homepage) for more information & the manoeuvre descriptions.