Intermediate Schedule

Intermediate class is the next step on the ladder and again it can be flown by most ‘aerobatic’ type models. The schedule is longer & more complex than the Clubman Schedule & some manoeuvres require the model to be flown much higher, therefore, a model with a greater power surplus is required. 

It is perfectly acceptable to begin competitions at this Intermediate Schedule.


Intermediate Schedule Calling Card


Intermediate Schedule Ribbon


Intermediate Schedule Manoeuvre Description


Take-off and Landing Judging Criteria (2021)

All pilots should also be familiar with the judging criteria for Take off and landing.

Intermediate Score Analysis sheet

(Download only)

The analysis sheet allows you to input your competition scores & highlight where most points are being lost. All boxes start with 10 so that if less than 4 rounds are being flown, the final ‘Biggest loss ranking’ will be correct. Hopefully this helps to highlight where practice will pay off the most. The sheets are also quick & easy to fill in (using a mobile etc.) at competitions, to quickly check the addition on the score sheets too.