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Sculthorpe - 1st October 2017

Sculthorpe - 1st October 2017

Contest Director: Peter Jenkins. Sculthorpe Comp This was the first time that the GBR/CAA had held a competition at this venue. It has been used for many years to host free flight competitions and more recently by the JMA. The weather forecast was dire until the day before when it appeared to be just a bit windy. In the event, it was wet, windy and accompanied by low cloud. Adrian Harrison flew a weather check which probed the bottom edge of the cloud but when Steve Plummer took off for the first competitive flight he kept disappearing into cloud. We waited till past midday before the cloud slowly lifted giving us good visibility but with a strong cross wind. Nothing new there then! A number of entrants pulled out at the last minute and we ended up with 5 FAI pilots, and 1 each for Masters and Clubman. So, with just 7 pilots flying, it was possible to get in 3 rounds for all with a 4th round for our sole Clubman entrant, Mick Broad. Garry Peacock, who withdrew from flying as his contra had not returned, had offered to judge and Eugene Anker had volunteered as well. So, our problem with judging and the need to self-judge was resolved at a stroke! In the end, Gerhard won all 3 rounds, while a tight battle between Steve Plummer and Adrian Harrison resulted in Steve gaining 2nd place by 2 pts from Adrian. George Drever was hot on their heels while Peter Jenkins brought up the rear. Mark Allen had a rather frustrating event collecting rather too many Zeros for his liking! Mick Broad, flying in only his 2nd full competition was able to put his own problems into context by watching how pilots in the classes above him all had problems with the strong cross wind. As he said, it was really good to see that he wasn’t the only one struggling! The view from all who flew at Sculthorpe was that we should return to the site. However, the cost of hire is an issue and may be an issue. Everyone enjoyed the event even though there were no facilities at Sculthorpe to help with creature comforts – that is, apart from Steve Plummer. Steve used the proximity of Cromer to come down and spend the weekend in Norfolk with his wife in their caravan. It was definitely the best place to be while it was raining! Thanks to those who drove a long way to support this new competition especially with the slightly suspect weather forecast. Finally, commiserations to those who had to drop out at the last minute. Without your initial entry, it would not have been possible to run this competition.
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BMFA Nationals – 26th-28th August 2017

BMFA Nationals – 26th-28th August 2017

Contest Director: Matthew Hoyland
Flightline Control: Linda Shepherd, Eugene Anker.
Judges: Alan Simmonds, Brian Hoare, Adrian Harrison, Steve Underwood, Garry Peacock, Ken Moss, Mark Pearce, Gerhard Fehringer.
Public Address: Stuart Mellor.
Public Relations: Ashley Hoyland

Was this the best weather we have ever had for our BMFA National Championship? Including Friday we had 4 days of perfect weather with just a bit if a wind on Monday around lunchtime. Competition was very close in the first three rounds of the 'P' and 'F' with only one point separating the top two pilots competing for the BMFA British Nationals Championship title. For our FAI 'P' only flyers, Ian Mould took four of the six rounds but both Adrian Harrison and Ken Moss took one round each. Eugene Anchor had a relaxed time in Masters as did Phil Lewis in Intermediate, but in Clubman four pilots, two for who this was their first GBR/CAA competition and for three pilots this was their first Nationals. John Morton took 5 of the 6 rounds with Micheal Broad taking the 6th round. In the 6th round John put in some good scores but then had a problem counting to two in his spin. Well done to all our Clubman pilots.

Podium: BMFA British Nationals F3A Champion: First Place, Matt Hoyland. 2nd, Keith Jackson. 3rd, Steve Underwood.
FAI 'P' Schedule: First Place, Ian Mould. 2nd, Mark Pearce. 3rd, Steve Plummer.
Masters: Eugene Anker.
Intermediate: Philip Lewis.
Clubman: First Place, John Morton. 2nd Michael Broad. 3rd Ralph Arrow.
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